1. The customer must review the product prices before placing an order through the Sinbado store, including the price per item or the total invoice amount.

2. The customer must make payments according to this payment policy as approved by us. You acknowledge and agree that changes to the payment policy may occur from time to time. The official currency in Kuwait determines product prices and purchasing transactions through the Sinbado store.

3. Sinbado store provides customers with multiple payment methods, including (Visa, MasterCard, KNET, and Cash on Delivery). Sinbado store may request specific payment methods for verification purposes or for certain customer-specific orders.

4. The maximum amount for cash-on-delivery payment is 1500TL, and an additional fee of 10$ is added to each cash-on-delivery order. Payments exceeding this limit must be made online.

5. Bank transfer fees may be applicable, and the customer is responsible for such fees. Additionally, administrative fees related to using the Sinbado store may be imposed at any time. Such fees will be clearly communicated through the Sinbado store.

6. The customer is fully responsible for the payment process, and therefore, we do not assume any responsibility for errors in the payment process.

7. The customer must maintain the confidentiality of their payment information and take precautions to avoid the use of suspicious methods or unauthorized software.