How to order?

How to order?

We enable customers to make purchases through the Sinbado store according to the following guidelines:

1. Sinbado store promotes its available products through various electronic or physical means.

2. The customer accesses the Sinbado store, browses the available products, and then places a purchase order through the Sinbado store.

3. The purchase order must include the following information:

– Logging into the Sinbado store or creating a new account.

– Personal details (email, password).

– Billing address (country, province, city, address).

– Payment method or settlement.

– Shopping cart (product image, name, type, quantity, price, total).

4. Sinbado store has the right to contact the customer before shipping the products to verify customer information or the seriousness of the purchase order.

5. Sinbado store has the right to cancel purchase orders made by the buyer if we cannot verify any customer data or if we believe the order may cause us any harm.

6. Sinbado store has the right to cancel an order if the customer does not adhere to any of the terms stated in this agreement, or if the customer fails to provide a valid address or respond to the shipping representative. Sinbado store retains the right to any due compensation in such cases.

7. Sinbado store provides products as they are available through the Sinbado store at the time of purchase and according to the specifications announced through the Sinbado store.

8. Sinbado store is not obligated to provide any additional features or characteristics in the products after they have been delivered to the customer.